Snowy Owl® Bucket Hat – Lilac

Bucket hats made their debut when your great granddaddy was a little boy. Originally intended as protection from the rain (the sloping brim causing the water to flow away from the face), it was a hit among the fishermen and farmers in Ireland. It was then adopted by soldiers in Vietnam to protect their necks from the sun. The 80s was the turn of b-boys and skate subcultures to embrace it. Manchester legends The Stone Roses brought it to the masses in the 90’s, then the ravers had their turn, followed by the Britpoppers….bringing us to the present day, and still a major fashion staple with high end brands.

If you’ve never owned a bucket hat, they’re casual, relaxed, give off an effortless, low-key attitude and look good on anyone. The Snowy Owl® Lilac Bucket Hat is unisex, 100% cotton, with brand logo embroidered on front. One size fits most (58cm). The vibrant lilac is a perfect colour as we emerge from the pandemic and look forward to better days.



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