Snowy Owl® in the snow.

It's beanie season! Joining our collection of headwear in 2021 was a stylish range of bobble hats. Originally designed for bobbies pounding the beat to wear inside their helmets as insulation in the cavity on cold winter nights. Or maybe for sailors to prevent injury when banging their heads. Pom-pom derives from the French word pompon, and Napoleon was certainly a fan, insisting his infantry wear them. The Viking God Freyr also had a penchant for them, as does Cartman in South Park. In England, the bobble hat found a steady home amongst working-class football supporters. And train spotters. Whoever you are, and whatever your reasons, we think you'll appreciate our selection.

As you all know, the whole world has been hit with Covid-19 and it's multiple variants. Wherever you are, over the last year chances are you've endured a national lockdown. We've lost count of how many we've had here in the north of England, but we’ve not let that stop us! So, during early 2021, we took a private jet to do a shoot in the snowy mountains of Greenland 🇬🇱 Only joking! But Snowy Owl® did take to the mountains of Manchester to showcase their "Homegrown Technique" and "Black on Black" collections, followed up with the "Blood and Death" shoot, also featuring Snowy Owl®’s legacy beanies. 
Following the mixed guidance from führer Boris and embracing the biting weather, Delaney managed to get out and about organising the shoots with a socially distanced and safety first attitude, while Madej whacked the heating up and dreamt of sun kissed beaches, a hammock and mojito. 
Favourite picks from Delaney: "Blood and Death" T-Shirt Blood. 

Favourite picks from Madej: "Black on Black" beanie.
We were lucky to have a bit of snow, as usually it just rains here. Negotiating the terrain with the equipment was challenging, but the models didn't mind waiting for the photographer to catch up as they were in toasty Snowy Owl® gear. We hope the shoots did justice to the collections, let us know your thoughts!


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