Happy 5th Anniversary to Snowy Owl®!

Ushered into existence by Delaney and Madej back in 2016, just two bums on a mission! The initial wilderness years involved a series of knockbacks, struggles and lessons, dusting ourselves off and going again. And again. It wasn't an easy path, but if you're passionate about something you need to fight for it. It took us three and a half years to finally release our first collection, “No Fine Print”, in August 2019.

We then focused on fan favourite, the beanie, and we've tried to cater for all, from igloo building fashionistas to summertime hipsters, with a range of knits, styles, thicknesses and colours available for you to choose from. We perhaps focused a little too much on them, having to remind ourTikTok users, “We sell a lot of beanies! We also sell clothes. ” 

Our biggest drop to date was “Homegrown Technique” earlier this year, an entirely pink and blue unisex collection bringing an elegant swagger back to the streets. This was followed by our most recent drop, “Blood and Death”, an eye-catching collection of t-shirts, sweats and hoodies.

We did intend on doing something special to celebrate our 5th anniversary, however, due to the UK still being in national lockdown we were limited with all the restrictions in place, and didn't want to risk catching/spreading the virus. Or being beaten with truncheons. So instead we sat at home. But even if we had the money we wouldn't go to Dubai to pout for selfies like some chose to do. We're in this together with you. 

As we hit the half decade, we would like to thank every single one of you that has liked, followed, shared, signed up to the brand or bought something. We may not have achieved anything yet but we are just off the mark! As a famous Mancunian once said, “It's not where you're from, it's where you're at.” (Ian Brown)

Right now, planet earth is a strange old place to be. The bard Billy Shakespeare wrote the immortal words, “To be or not to be”. We'll spare you the pain of reading Hamlet's soliloquy. The answer is “To Be”. Fight for what you are passionate about! Be strong whatever you face! Look and feel good doing it with Snowy Owl® 

Once again, a thousand thank yous to each and every one of you  Keep following our socials and Owl Journey for news on drops and promotions, with a bit of idle banter thrown in.


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