Delaney’s Diary

Snowy Owl® “Sample Sale” of our beanies out now! Available in 12 colours: Antique Grey, Black, Bright Red, Classic Pink, French Navy, Mustard, Mustard & Ketchup, Pastel Blue, Pastel Pink, Sky Blue, White, and Yellow. Our one size fits all beanies are 100% vegan approved acrylic and lovingly made in Manchester, the centre of the universe.

As we don’t just want a boring blog (“This is our product, please buy it!”), here's a quick gander behind the scenes for you guys, as we would like to give you an inside view to the brand and our personality, as at the end of the day fashion is an art and art has a story!

Originally we were only going to release maybe 2 or 3 different colours, and that's if it happened at all as we had other ideas in the pipeline. But, after showing some of our close friends the samples we had made in White, Black and Classic Pink, we knew then that we were on to something, as there was a genuine reaction, the looks on their faces was not something that can be faked. We have cool friends. Now they're cooler.

I (Delaney) sold the first Pink sample less than 20min off the embroidery machine, that's when I said to myself ‘’Right, we are gonna have to do a drop!’’, which led to us releasing the whole drop as a sample sale in 12 colours. This helped introduce the brand to a whole new audience and demographic that we hadn’t been open to before, with the feedback since being humbling and great in equal measure, thanks guys! 

Madej meanwhile flew out to Iceland! (ahh, we miss the pre-covid days…keep up the good work social distancing folks!) In between dips in volcanic pools he managed to shoot our Black Beanie and “donate” some of our stickers around the Viking island. Stay tuned for that blog! (coming soon 'ish)

In terms of what next, we plan on doing a follow up drop in the next few weeks, releasing some new beanie shades, but no spoilers, you’ll just have to wait and see 🙂  Delaney’s favourite beanie from this drop is Mustard & Ketchup. Madej went for Black (“as that's the only one Delaney gave him”), but he's been seen eyeing up the Mustard & Ketchup…

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